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Gellis & Associates Hosts A Workshop On Duties And Responsibilities Of Directors, Trustees And Officers Of Not-for-profit Organizations For Its Clients

As New York State and Federal laws affecting directors and officers of not-for-profit organizations have dramatically changed over the last years, resulting in no charitable immunity for those involved in benevolent and charitable activities. Today, directors and officers of not-for-profit organizations are generally held to the same legal standards of conduct as directors and officers of business corporations. While oftentimes such directors, trustees and officers are volunteers, they are directly responsible for overseeing programs, finances, employees, and the vision of the not-for-profit organizations they serve. It is absolutely imperative that directors, trustees and officers receive comprehensive orientation from their board leadership, learning valuable information about the organization’s corporate structure, its operations, and expectations for their service. Participation without such understanding of legal realities may inadvertently result in great harm to organizations and personal liability. This workshop provided clients who are members of the boards of directors and boards of trustees, as well as officers of charitable organizations with detailed instructions as to the current state of the laws and their duties and responsibilities to their organizations.