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Gellis & Associates Hosts A Bilateral Investment Treaties (bits) Planning Workshop

Ever since the first international Bilateral Investment Treaty was signed between Pakistan and Germany in 1959, the importance and the number of these treaties has grown exponentially. Today, BITs form an important cornerstone of international commerce and the framework of international investments. These treaties assure nationals and companies registered in the participant-nations of fair and equitable treatment, no discrimination, no expropriation without fair compensation, and free transfer of funds – all of which are critical for the expansion of multi-national businesses and investments into the developing areas of commerce and regions. BITs also provide comprehensive protection against nationalizations and harmful national regulations for international investors, as well as for claims of individual companies against a State where investment are made and access to neutral arbitration forums. Most importantly, results in arbitral awards are globally enforceable.

This forum provided a great venue for pragmatic and dynamic discussion of investment strategies and structuring of complex ventures in the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States (former republics of the USSR) and Eastern European Countries.