Safeguarding and optimizing the Power of IP

At the Gellis Law Group, we understand that technology businesses face distinctive challenges. Notwithstanding the type of business matter our clients are facing – whether it is a contract with software developers, preparation of a business plan, or licensing of intellectual property – we have a team of tech-savvy attorneys familiar with the complexities of the technology ecosphere and flexible enough to adjust to your needs.  Technology ventures rely on our legal team to guide them through each stage of their development, from formation and working within the confines of a limited budget up to public offering. Along the way, we negotiate with investors, offering strategic advice on operations, and provide comprehensive intellectual property support.


Gellis Law Group provides a wide range of essential legal services for our technology clients. We routinely:

  • Assist clients in formulating or revising business plans;
  • Offer strategic collaboration with teams of established financial professionals to determine financial feasibility and projections for new enterprises;
  • Optimize legal structure(s) tailored to our clients’ particular needs and the types of the intellectual property involved;
  • Procure business licenses, including specialized permits or licenses; and
  • Negotiate and prepare agreements among the founders (which are often overlooked even though they are vital to ensuring continued business operations in the event of dispute and to protecting founders’ interests at the financing stages).


Focusing on business issues that matter most to our clients, we:

  • Negotiate and draft complex software consulting and development agreements detailing each phase of the development project and all surrounding business matters;
  • Prepare non-disclosure, confidentiality, non-circumvention, and non-competition agreements for our clients;
  • Draft employment and consultancy agreements for clients’ permanent members and consultants;
  • Resolve “work-made-for-hire” issues to ensure ownership of software copyrights;
  • Make arrangements with strategic partners and draft cooperation and joint development agreements;
  • Guide our clients in negotiations with vendors and clients and prepare all necessary legal documentation associated with those arrangements;
  • Assist clients to procure offices for the development teams by negotiating and finalizing commercial leases and real estate agreements.


Members of our legal team have extensive experience working for Venture Capital companies in the US and abroad.  As a result our attorneys are uniquely positioned to counsel clients on matters related to raising capital, company valuations, and strategic investors.  We routinely deal with:

  • Negotiating and drafting series seed investment agreements;
  • Technology transfer agreements;
  • Issues pertaining to special options for company founders;
  • Stock options for employees of emerging technology companies;
  • PPMs and Series A financing arrangements; and
  • Company valuation matters.


Gellis Law Group helps its clients to optimize, protect and maximize the financial potential of their inventions and work product. Our Firm provides comprehensive services from the initial stages; to securing rights to technology through patent applications, trademarking brands, and copyrighting software; to long-term strategic IP portfolio planning. Our experienced patent attorneys help tech companies to extract the maximum value from their intellectual property by identifying, protecting, and evaluating their information technology and IP assets. We provide broad legal support for our clients in commercially exploiting these assets through licensing and technology transfer ventures. Our attorneys:

  • Isolate potentially protectable inventions and ensure adequate coverage consistent with clients’ business objectives;
  • Prepare and draft patent applications;
  • Identify key strengths and weaknesses of our clients’ IP positions;
  • Prepare specialized software licenses;
  • Negotiate and draft licensing agreements, including cross-licensing and sub-licensing;
  • Identify trade secrets and create trade secret protection programs;
  • Deal with issues surrounding user privacy and publishing user content;
  • Conduct due diligence review and provide risk assessments of strengths and weaknesses of IP rights of others within the context of mergers and acquisitions and freedom-to-operate investigations, or upon infringement accusation; and
  • Assist clients to select, protect and enforce trademarks and copyrights.


We also assist our clients with other common legal issues associated with the following matters:

  • Click-through agreements and software licenses;
  • User agreements and terms of service;
  • Privacy policies and related disclosures;
  • Web hosting agreements;
  • Service provider and software subscription agreements; and
  • Terms of use and privacy policies.

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