International Transactions

Fast Access to an Experienced Global Legal Network

Gellis Law Group’s team has spent years building a sound global network, which means our clients have ready access to sophisticated legal expertise almost anywhere on Earth. We provide international services in five areas: U.S. Customs Compliance, International Trade and International Agreements, U.S. Market Entry, International Corporate Restructuring, and WTO Consultancy.


Customs and International Trade regulatory compliance is a critical matter of ever-increasing complexity. Proper compliance with existing regulations – as well as the development of well-designed compliance programs – is a vital and integral part of operations for all companies involved in import and export. Our efforts to deliver a clear understanding of the practical aspects of regulatory regimes provides our clients with higher efficiency and allows them to not only avoid considerable penalties and delays, but to properly structure financial benefits for future transactions.

Our Firm assists clients with a wide range of customs compliance matters, including:
• Tariff classifications;
• Duty rates;
• Valuation;
• Penalties;
• Quota restrictions;
• Seizures and detentions;
• Import and export documentation and recordkeeping requirements;
• Country of origin criteria;
• Labeling and invoicing requirements;
• Bonded warehouses;
• Foreign trade zones issues, as well as
• All of the various free trade agreements including NAFTA, CAFTA, etc.

We assist clients with proactive development of internal controls and compliance programs designed to avoid issues with Customs and other agencies that administer the U.S. trade laws. We work with our clients to ensure that their import and export operations optimize results for duty rates, merchandise clearance, and the prevention of government-imposed penalties or sanctions.

Our attorneys also advise clients on developing systems that will minimize the possibility of adverse determinations by the U.S. Customs in the event of an audit. We are able to assist clients in gaining admission into beneficial programs, including the Importer Self-Assessment Program (ISA) and the Customs-Trade Partnership against Terrorism (C-TPAT).

When required, our Firm works with clients to achieve full compliance with U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the International Trade Commission, the International Trade Administration, the Bureau of Industry and Security, the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls, the Food and Drug Administration, the Consumer Products Safety Commission, the Federal Trade Commission, and the Office of Foreign Assets Control.


Our attorneys have extensive practical experience in complex international transactions. All of our leading attorneys and attorneys of counsel have worked as general counsel in the United States, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, and Switzerland with companies of various sizes and in different fields. This experience provides our legal team with a distinct perspective and first-hand experience of business operations, risks and objectives – positioning our attorneys with in-depth understanding of clients’ legal and business needs and goals.

We currently assist our international clients in technology innovations, logistics, oil and gas, as well as shipping industries, in creating a strong network of international supply and vendor agreements allowing for more efficient and risk-balanced development.


Foreign clients entering the U.S. market require detailed and comprehensive assistance with assessing and understanding the complexities of the well-developed and saturated market. Our attorneys provide step-by-step guidance and analysis to our clients allowing them to minimize costs and prioritize actions to establish their presence and success in this country.

Not only do we assist our clients with creating the optimal corporate vehicles and structures to achieve efficiency and secure needed financing, but also serve as a resource and gateway to numerous specialists required in the development and marketing of products and services to selected segments of the market.


Our Firm advises extensively on matters related to international strategic alliances and optimization of multi-jurisdictional corporate structures. Our attorneys have significant experience and a proven track record of implementing and guiding clients with individually tailored solutions. Depending on the particular needs of a client, we can provide assistance with the formation of international holding and trading companies designed to protect corporate assets and investments. We also assist our technology clients in establishing international corporate structures to retain valuable intellectual property and technology rights for subsequent licensing to third parties.

Safeguarding revenue streams and seeking best solutions to protect investments from volatile political and economic environments are of vital concern and critical value for investors and entrepreneurs operating in many developing markets. The growing uncertainty of political, legal, regulatory, and tax environments in those regions requires our clients to take extra steps to seek additional legal protections to secure their investments. Our Firm effectively assists clients to achieve these additional degrees of asset protection through use of corporate structures in jurisdictions with favorable international Bilateral Investment treaties. Many of our clients can testify that strategically tailored multi-national structures are capable of effectively shielding assets from potential threats of expropriation and political changes, and provide additional advantages for the growth, future financing, and development capabilities of our clients’ companies.


Our attorneys are involved in many international projects, including consultancy on the effects of major international treaties. Our attorneys participated in preparing comprehensive overviews of the United Nations Convention of the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), the Convention on the Continental Shelf, and multiple international regulations associated with customs and trade regulations related to export and import of oil and gas products.

The growing influence of WTO requirements is accompanied by an increase in non-tariff barriers promulgated by numerous countries. We work with our international clients and multi-national companies to address WTO requirements, anti-dumping regulations and compliance, as well as the growing prevalence of non-tariff barriers within the framework of the WTO agreements. As international agreements, including those negotiated in the WTO system, require detailed interpretation, we guide our clients with regard to procedures based on an internationally agreed legal foundation.

Our firm is collaborating with highly specialized professionals in Brussels (Belgium), Amsterdam (the Netherlands) and Washington, DC in assisting clients with regard to these highly complex WTO-related matters.

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