George A. Gellis

George A. Gellis, Esq. is a founding shareholder and managing director of the Firm. Mr. Gellis practices corporate, commercial, and international transactional law with a concentration in complex commercial negotiations, international law, corporate restructuring and health care law.

Supreme Court decision likely to increase Trademark owners’ costs

The Supreme Court settled a divisive trademark issue in Hana Financial, Inc. v. Hana Bank, et al. The Justices decided that the legal concept of “trademark tacking” should be analyzed by a jury, in the event of a lawsuit, instead of a judge. The decision may not seem important to anyone unfamiliar with “trademark tacking,”

Employer updates for the New Year

At the turning of the calendar year, several laws affecting employers’ obligations changed, which are very important for those employers – especially small business owners – to be aware of, and comply with. Three such changes for 2015 include: wage reporting requirements; an increase in New York’s minimum wage; and exemptions from overtime pay for

Do you need to #trademark your hashtag?

Trademarking hashtags has emerged as an important topic of conversation online and amongst business owners. The conclusive decision is that hashtags can be trademarked through the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). In fact, a quick search of the US Patent and Trademark Office database shows over 200 already registered hashtags. However, the benefit

M&A Target Companies Must Ensure Consistent Management

The sharp rise in Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) transactions has been dominating headlines. The financial markets have shown strong increases with reports of over $3 trillion in global deal-making in 2014 – $1.5 trillion of which has targeted American companies. The large, multi-billion dollar acquisitions have received lots of attention. However, the general upswing is

Protect Your Brand, or . . . Else

Nowadays, most businesses know that companies need to attentively monitor their brands. When a new business starts operating, more often than not, it has no offices or other brick-and-mortar assets. Its primary asset is its intellectual property, which includes a brand under which the goods or services are marketed and sold. This brand, and all

Advice for Startup Founders and Employees – Never Sign Agreements You Do Not Understand

Start-up teams are usually composed of young entrepreneurs untrained in legal dealings, particularly in the countless intricacies hidden within stock purchase, stock option and technology transfer agreements. In fact, that’s precisely why they need competent legal counsel. We encounter an increasing number of start-up teams that run into legal problems because attorneys they chose at