More Than Trusted Counselors – An Indispensable Client Resource


Gellis Law Group provides comprehensive corporate legal services to a wide spectrum of clients – from entrepreneurial startups to industry leaders, from local practices to international companies, and from innovative technology groups to high net-worth individuals on the Forbes list.

We concentrate on three key areas:
technology, commercial and corporate law, and international transactions.


    With business and commerce becoming more global, it’s essential to our clients that experienced legal counsel is just a phone call away – a powerful benefit for companies that rely on Gellis Law Group to handle international trade, restructuring, and customs compliance issues.

    We empower small, growing enterprises and mid-size companies to outsource all their legal tasks to one practice. For larger corporations we handle the full spectrum of work typically managed by in-house counsel, as well as complex legal assignments usually outsourced to multiple niche firms.

    We offer complete legal assistance to our technology clients – from securing rights to cutting-edge intellectual property along with preparing initial corporate documents and agreements among company founders, to negotiations with investors and drafting patent applications, to big-picture portfolio counseling and strategic planning.


For many clients, it makes strong business sense to use the legal expertise of Gellis Law Group and outsource all legal tasks associated with in-house corporate counsel. Here are 7 Key Benefits to Choosing Our Firm…

  • ONE STOP “SHOPPING”. The majority of companies with in-house counsel still outsource most legal tasks to outside firms. We provide a “one stop shop” for all your corporate legal needs, with our group of attorneys available to offer an astute overview of your company’s present and long-term legal strategy.

  • EXPERIENCE AND SOPHISTICATION. Our attorneys possess a much wider range of domestic and international corporate counsel experience than a typical in-house counsel.

  • ACCESS TO A TRUSTED LEGAL NETWORK. Most in-house counsels have limited legal contacts, while Gellis Law Group has access to an extensive network of trusted legal professionals developed over the years as counsel to large companies, both domestic and overseas, with years of joint collaboration.

  • COMPREHENSIVE STRATEGIC PLANNING. Outsourcing legal tasks to our attorneys means you will always have a trusted outside partner with a thorough understanding of your legal needs and budgets to help develop your company’s risk-management strategy.

  • FINANCIAL. While saving money is not the main reason for outsourcing legal assignments, most of Gellis Law Group’s clients do report a substantially improved bottom line with ease of access to additional sources of legal expertise and an overall higher quality of work.

  • INTERNATIONAL EXPERTISE. Most in-house attorneys don’t have substantive international experience. Gellis Law Group offers years of multi-faceted experience in cross-border transactions, import, export, international restructuring and intellectual property that can pave the way for global expansion of your company’s operations.

  • ATTORNEY-CLIENT PRIVILEGE. Outside counsel enjoys a greater level of attorney-client privilege than in-house counsel, a benefit appreciated by our clients, whose management and board members rely on us to establish risk hedging strategies, corporate policies and strategy in relationships with third parties.

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